What We Do

At Digital Intellect, we help organisations access their data, produce actionable insights through analytics, and automate their processes with artificial intelligence.

Our customers are businesses wanting to improve what they already have, implement new projects, deliver stuck or stalled projects or simply support their team on projects and day to day operations.

Our goal is to help you achieve more in your organisation so that you can drive growth and build more value by expanding on your current technology investments and supplement internal capabilities with our services.

Data and Analytics

Develop actionable insights
Spend more time analysing your business
  • Automate Data Operations
  • Reports and Dashboard Solutions
  • Data Warehousing
  • Advanced Analytics


Faster processes at a fraction of the cost
Optimise your operations
  • Department and Process Automation
  • Reconciliation Automation
  • Server, Desktop and Web Automation
  • Data and Screen Scraping

Artificial Intelligence

Reshaping your business for the future
Reinvent your business model
  • Intelligent Agents and Chatbots
  • Text, Voice and Image Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predict trends, patterns and behaviours

How We Help

Workshops, Assessments, Roadmaps and Strategies

Learn where you stand in advanced analytics and intelligent process automation, and build a fit for purpose strategy that will increase your profits.

Project Implementation

Be guided through every step of automation, analytics or AI projects. Access technology-specific templates and plans design so you can quickly and successfully implement fit for purpose solutions.

Design and Build Solutions

Build quality solutions faster with our rapid development frameworks, configurable design templates, and components developed by our experts from their extensive experiences.

Maintain and Enhance

Safeguard against key-person risk where solutions become unsupported and fail, or where critical intellect capital and domain knowledge is lost when key-people leave limiting or creating costly enhancement opportunities. We can support you long after your implementation is complete

On-demand Experts

Grow your organisation by leveraging our skilled experts in data warehousing, analytics, data science, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and other technical professionals who are supported by our business consultants.

Just Enough Governance

Ensure growth and success by implementing just the right amount of data and automation governance required by your organisation while maintaining the speed and agility to be competitive

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