Our story

Back in 2016, while working together on a strategic business transformation, our founders realised that to build the organisation of the future you need to the right combination of commercial business expertise and advanced technical capabilities in analytics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Our purpose is to be your trusted digital transformation partner, who are qualified to work side by side with your organisation to transform your business, drive growth and build more value by leveraging analytics, automation and artificial intelligence technologies.

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Get more done faster, with confidence

Our founders have combined their skills and experience to develop a team of on-demand experts who are employed by Digital Intellect, allowing us to continuously invest in their development to ensure they are at the top of their field and you are receiving quality work.

Our team’s performance is linked to the satisfactory delivery of your job, which include peer reviews to ensure that you are receiving the best possible solution for your budget.

Something different for today's challenges

We are living in unprecedented times, and businesses are changing how they operate, and people are learning new ways of working.

We are faced with new economic pressures, the rate of work has accelerated and technology has advanced to the point we need specialist’s support to succeed.

We have designed our services and approach so that you can access our on-demand experts to supplement your teams’ capabilities so you can get the job done right, and efficiently while keeping costs down.

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